My son Ryan trained at High Speed Hockey in the fall of 2008. He went from being "off the radar" to being invited to the Under 17 Camp. All the coaches at the camp commented  positively about his skating and we really believe that the excellent instruction he received at High Speed Hockey made all the difference. Note: Ryan's now has an NCAA shcolarship.

          Steve R, Newmarket

I can honestly attest to the fact that everything that has been promised and written about High Speed Hockey is true.  I first brought my son to High Speed Hockey in December 2008 because I felt that his skating could be improved.  I noticed a slight improvement even after the first session but it took 3 or 4 sessions before he was more consistent with utilizing the techniques that were being taught by the wonderful trainers.  My son is currently playing at the AA level but because of his improved skating, he was recently scouted by a coach representing a AAA team and he has been asked to play on that team for next season.  Because he is now a more efficient skater, he does not get tired as quickly and can go harder for a little longer.  What's more important is that he feels more confident on the ice and because of that, he is having more fun. I highly recommend High Speed Hockey for players of any level because it is the kind of personalized instruction that is necessary for any player to improve and develop their skating.

        Wayne C, Markham

"he's got to work on his foot speed"... this was the message coming from the AAA coaches at the 2008/09 Minor Pee Wee tryouts, where our son was the last defenseman cut and repeated to us as he was given opportunities throughout the season to AP for the AAA team.  To him that was simply a motivator to want to improve and get the foot speed, power and endurance needed to raise the level of his game and make the York-Simcoe Express Pee Wee AAA this year.  He committed to the time and effort and we made a commitment to help him through High Speed Hockey training. With Scott and his team of trainers and over 20 hours of treadmill workouts, his stride mechanics and power were significantly improved.  So much so that he was the only addition made to the 2009/2010 York Simcoe Express AAA team.  He achieved his goal and we attribute that to his personal drive, his Aurora AA coaches and the High Speed Hockey training program!

           Peter G, Aurora

Just thought I would send you a note to thank you and Randall for working with our Pee Wee A team this season... We are pleased with the results in that we feel all the girls have greatly improved. Teams that had an edge in speed at the beginning of the season started to lose that advantage. As our players' foot speed and strength improved so did their puck possession, passing and shooting.  Working from the ground up was the right approach to take and we also noticed they were much quieter on their feet; there was less skate noise (dragging toes etc.). You could tell they were balanced perfectly and became much harder to knock down.

"Faster and much stronger"; those were the exact words one of my evaluators said.  He was my lead evaluator at the tryouts last April and recently had a chance to see the girls skate.  It was the first time for him to see the girls skate in almost a year.  He felt they all were much faster and stronger than he remembered.  I tried to take all the credit but he just looked at me and smiled.

          Howard O, Head Coach, Aurora Panthers Pee Wee A

As you know Cory completed his 10 sessions last night, he thoroughly enjoyed doing it. When we got home I put the DVD in our pc. I have to say it is very well detailed and the difference from his first session to the last is clearly remarkable. The blade training is quite obviously a great tool for these kids. We are giving it a break for now with our playoffs starting in a week and the hope of a long playoff run. We will be back at some point to continue with the training.

          Martin R, Aurora

We have seen wonderful results with a few of our players and overall our teams' skating has seen a marked improvement we can not thank you enough.

          Paul C, Head Coach, Bradford Atom A

The training is incredible my son was already a good skater but after the Blade Training I would have to say his skating improved 150% and it made a huge difference in his game.

          Mark. T, Newmarket

The Blade training has really helped my son. The changes were subtle after the first few sessions then things seemed to click. All the parents on his team have commented on how much faster he has gotten. Last game he got three breakaways and that had never happened before. The shooting instruction has also made a world of difference. He started out not being able to raise the puck off the ice and now he can hit the top corners with his wrist shot. I am looking forward to having him train over the summer and I am excited about how much better he will be come September.

          Todd C, Aurora

I wanted to say that Marcus said the shooting and treadmill really helped him out! He felt a big difference when he jumped on the ice to skate and in his shot. Thank you!

          Paul C, Newmarket

I was really impressed with your training. The last fellow we had was awesome, the young lady was great!

       Scott R, Aurora

I  was very surprised to see such a difference from Jonathan's first session to his last when I viewed his DVD.  I always thought he was a pretty good skater but his form and posture were very much improved.  I was most impressed with how long and powerful Jonathan's stride had gotten.  The "drop and go" exercises have proved beneficial as he seems to have more jump and pops out of no where on the ice.  We will definitely be signing him up for more sessions!


       Kim Y, Newmarket