High Speed Hockey can give your team a competitive edge. High Speed Hockeywill make your players faster and stronger skaters. You will see the results on the ice. Your players will be:

- Faster Skaters - with more breakaway speed
- More Powerful - able to skate through checks
- Quicker - first to the puck
- Better Balanced - able to get more power in their shots
- Better Conditioned - able to go full out full time

Training at High Speed Hockey allows the coach focus "ice" time on team play and less on skating and shooting instruction.

To accommodate teams we train 5 skaters in an hour skating session, with one skater on the Blade at a time and rotating on and off on a shift basis. Over a three hour period we can train 15 skaters. Players need only show up for their 1 hour time slot. Coaches are not required to stay for the entire three hours. We offer packages that include both skating and/or shooting instruction.

For pricing please call High Speed Hockey at 905-836-8176.


High Speed Hockey has trained teams of all ages from novice to midget and representing all skill levels, from AE to AAA. Our program is tailored to your team's requirements.  Our programs are offered year round.

- 1st Period - Summer programs, the ultimate training camp.
- 2nd Period -Fall programs get into high gear as the season kicks off
- 3rd Period  -Winter programs stay razor sharp for playoffs