Speed While teaching you the proper skating mechanics we will increase the speed of the treadmill to challenge you move your feet faster yet still make a complete stride. Speed in increased until you reach the point where the skating mechanics break down. Gradually, over time you will be able to reach higher speeds and maintain form greatly increasing your speed on the ice.
Speed with the Puck - Ever notice how even fast skaters seem to slow down once they have a puck on their stick. In hockey this is one of the hardest skills to learn yet one of the most important skills to master. The Blade includes a stick handling and shooting   surface. Once the skater has begun to master the stride we introduce a stick and puck and begin working on training the brain to multi-task. Again by starting off slow and then increasing the speed and incline of the treadmill we can ensure the proper skating  mechanics are maintained as the player increases his speed with the puck.

Endurance - The Blade is the perfect conditioning tool for hockey. The best training regimen is one the duplicates the demand of the sport. The Blade does this better than any other equipment available. In addition, unlike training on ice there is no coasting on the Blade. This is an intense work-out; one hour on the Blade is equivalent to 10 hours on the ice. With the ability to adjust both speed and incline players are pushed outside their comfort zone and challenged to extend themselves.


Alexander Ovechkin handles the puck at full speed.
Power - Adjusting the incline of the treadmill increases the amount of effort required from the skater. It forces the skater to concentrate on strong, powerful strides. The degree of incline is increased until the point when the player loses his form. Through this training players will develop powerful explosive strides. On the ice this power will translate into the quickness required to win those races for the puck. This power will also allow the player to skate through checks driving his legs and maintaining balance and control.

Sidney Cosby powers through checks notice the leg 
extension and full 90 degree knee bend.