Great players have great shots. A quick release with deadly accuracy is part of every star player's profile.  Important as this is, little time is spent on developing the shot in practice because the priority is given to skating and team play.  Players are left to develop this skill on their own, so they practice in the driveway but for many they find it difficult transfer their "driveway shot" to the ice. At High Speed Hockey we have the solution. Players are instructed on proper shooting techniques on our artificial ice. Practicing in their skates they can learn how to properly transfer their weight to get harder more accurate shots. 




Shooting Techniques Covered:

  • Proper stick grip
  • The quick release
  • Seeing the net from the puck's perspective (the goal scorers secret)
  • Proper weight transfer
  • Proper follow-through

Puckhandling Techniques Covered:

  • Stickhandling
  • Toe drag
  • Driving to the net
  • Dekes
  • Passing (backhand & forehand)
Sessions are 30 minutes
in length. Available as
private one-on-one or two
players per session.